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Our mission is to enable our industry to transition into an exciting future.

Why join TK?

Whether you iron your table cloths or whip up the best curb-side tacos, our partners are committed to cooking from scratch.

Transparent Kitchen is building a community with our partners in mind, making it simple for you to reach new diners who share your values.

Keeping you in control.

Review sites don’t communicate your philosophy or highlight the beauty of your craft. Nor does the text menu on your site.

Transparent Kitchen equips you with professional content, a powerful interactive menu, and a platform to share your vision.

Here to help at every step.

Photographers, web admins, and even your staff can be difficult to coordinate when it comes to  managing your online presence.

Whatever your individual needs, at Transparent Kitchen we have the skills and expertise to make it happen with one turn-key service.

Goodbye, PDF!

We take your analog menu and turn it into a dynamic intelligent software, powered by our growing database of food and beverage products.

Keep track of favourites!

Your guests can save and share their favourite dishes, providing you with detailed insights on preferences and trends.

Never miss a thing!

Your guests can subscribe to your restaurant for menu updates, allowing you to create and maintain relationships.

What are you waiting for?

Your guests can book conveniently through the Interactive Menu, reducing bounce rates and increasing reservations.

Take a piece home with you!

Your guests can order artisanal products directly from your menu, creating new revenue for you and your suppliers.

How do we ensure your success?

We all know content is king

You would be hesitant to book an Airbnb with sketchy photos, and simply wouldn’t book one without photos. Why leave your potential guests guessing with a text menu, forfeiting first impressions to review sites like Yelp or Tripadvisor?

Transparent Kitchen is here to help you engage and educate your guests before they arrive with high-quality visual content, helping you manage expectations and mitigate bad reviews.

Don’t worry, as our partner, we send our professional photographers to you, at your convenience, to equip you with the right assets to use for social media, website, and print.

Adapting to the next-gen consumer

Uber, Airbnb, and Spotify have changed the way we travel, sleep, and rock on! Transparent Kitchen’s beautiful interactive menus are changing the way next-gen diners discover and engage with your products.

And we’re taking it one step further. Beginning with product-level search capabilities and dietary filters, we are building a platform that will allow guests to save their preferences, providing you with insightful analytics and guests with intelligent recommendations.

Leveraging your digital real-estate

Just like your square footage, the pixels on your website are valuable digital real-estate. We’ve made it easier than ever to use that to your advantage!

Maximize the benefit of your Transparent Kitchen profile. Increase your engagement and reservations by embedding your Interactive Smart Menu on your website and social media platforms.

Increase Sales

Our number one priority is to fill your restaurants.
To begin, we improve upon 3 key online statistics:

Bounce Rates

75% ⇨ 15%

View Times

20sec ⇨ 2min

Product Views

0 ⇨ 15

Which results in:

Guest Satisfaction


Guests prefer a TK menu to a PDF.

Increased Bookings


Increase in online bookings.

What’s included?



Two Photoshoots
Up to 10 Featured Items (x2)
Shot On-Location
24-Hour Turnaround



Four Photoshoots
Up to 10 Featured Items (x4)
Shot On-Location
24-Hour Turnaround



Twelve Photoshoots
Up to 10 Featured Items (x12)
Shot On-Location
24-Hour Turnaround

Turnkey Photography

Professional photography
scheduled to fit your menu needs.

Platform Membership

Profiles for both the restaurant and its chef(s)
hosted on Transparent Kitchen;

Software License

Industry’s first Interactive Smart Menu embedded on your website.

Beta Access Pass

Use of our new products, including: 3D reservation system, POS integrations, SEO tools, and advanced analytics.

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Do I have to change my website?

Certainly not! Your interactive menu can be added to your existing site with a simple copy and paste. If you are looking to redesign your site, we can help with that too, just give us a shout!

What if I change my menu all the time?

Whether you change your menu seasonally, monthly, or weekly, we can work with you to improve your guest experience.

Do I have to be 100% local?

Of course not. We love supporting local suppliers, but there is a world of amazing ingredients out there. Let us help communicate and celebrate the unique products that bring your dish to life.

Can you help me improve my sourcing practices?

We value provenance and quality, but we appreciate the challenges in this industry. If you’re looking to introduce more local ingredients,, we’re happy to direct you to the right organizations.

Who are your partners?

We partner with independent, scratch kitchen restaurants who have a philosophy and intention behind everything they do. Behind every unique restaurant, there is a unique chef that is passionate about their craft, and we are eager to help communicate that!

Will I get to talk to someone over the phone?

We’re former industry professionals who understand the importance of time-sensitive changes. Whether a phone call, text, or email, we are here to help you!

What if I don't spend money on advertising?

Transparent Kitchen is not a marketing agency. Just like your POS and reservation systems have modernized and optimized your operations in-house, Transparent Kitchen is an investment in elevating your guests’ experience.

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